How to write checks in sage 50?

Sage 50 accounting software is available with a feature of Write Checks, which allows the users to quickly write the checks and apply to any of expense accounts.
This is simply the best option to be used if the payment does not belong to invoice and inventory items. The process of paying with this option saves a lot of time and makes payment quite handy for an individual.
Here are a few steps that will help you utilizing this option and writing checks without making any error-

  • Go to the menu bar, select tasks and then write checks in your accounting software of Sage 50.
  • Fill up the field of vendor ID by entering appropriate ID of your vendor.
  • If you do not want to entre vendor ID, you can leave this field and select ‘Pay to the order of’. Here, in this field, you will need mentioning both the name and the address for the vendor.
  • You can leave the field of ‘check number’ blank, if you want to print this check later. Besides, if you want to continue by entering the check number, go with it by entering the same and select the option of ‘electronic payment’. This will allow you to automatically send the check you have prepared to the vendor.
  • Fill up the field of ‘Date’ by mentioning correct date and then the amount into the ‘Dollars’ field.
  • You will need entering the account number from which you want money to be withdrawn from the field of ‘Cash Account’.
  • Select ‘Expense Account’ field and enter the account number to which you will expense.
  • Click ‘split’ to open ‘split transaction’ window, which allow you splitting the amount between multiple accounts.
  • Select ‘Description’ field to enter description of the payment.
  • Click ‘Save’ button in the tool bar to at the top of the toolbar to save the check.
  • Click ‘Print’ button in the toolbar to open ‘Print Forms: Disbursement Check’ window.
  • Complete ‘First Check Number’ field to print first check.
  • Select ‘Check Form’ button to open another dialogue box where you can select another check form to use and click ‘OK’ button.
  • You can go with replacement of item through ‘Item ID‘ replace item ID with’ from the drop down list.
  • Click ‘Print’ button to finally print the check created with the help of Sage 50

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