How to Install Sage 50 to a Single Computer System?

If you want to install Sage 50 tax software on your computer which is not connected to any network, you will need to go through these simple steps-

  • First step to be followed is double clicking downloaded file of Sage 50.
  • In second step, you will be able seeing license agreement. Read and accept the agreement to continue the process.
  • You will be asked allowing your Sage 50 set your firewall in order to complete installation process. Click Yes. You can also configure your firewall manually with your Sage 50. Be sure while clicking Allow and Unblock the element, when you receive a warning message from your firewall software.
  • You are sent serial number along with download link in your email along. In next step, you will need entering this serial number to reach next step.
  • Clock on yes, confirming that there is only one computer you want Sage 50 to run on.
  • In next step, you will need to select the program files location and this must be a local drive (either C or D).
  • Confirm and accept recommended data location or select any other location to put the data file in.
  • Make sure that the location you have chosen to save data file is correct. In case, if you want to make any change, go back by clicking Back.
  • Otherwise, click install to complete the process of installing the software program to your computer system.

Follow these steps and allow your computer to run Sage 50 for meeting your diverse accounting needs and activities.

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