How to Design Your General Ledger in Sage 300

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to do designing of your general ledger because before you start setting up of any part of your general ledger, design a chart of accounts, and select system wide options.

Designing a Chart of Accounts

How you organize your chart of accounts depends on how you intend to use particular features of the General Record Book system. You must decide:

  • Which accounts you want.
  • Which account segments each account requires.
  • How you will assign account numbers.

start by listing the accounts that you need and after that decide on an account
numbering scheme that suitable for your financial reporting requirements.

If you do not have an accountant to accommodate you, use one of the sample data
charts of accounts as a complete guideline for designing of your own chart of accounts. Print the sample charts of accounts by firstly open G/L Reports and then Chart of Accounts.

Important! Please Design your chart of accounts carefully. That’s very easy to move accounts around before entering them, than to change them afterwards.

Selecting System-Wide Options

You have to choose some system-wide options in System Manager’s Common Services before setting up your General Ledger. These includes:

1. Multicurrency setting

When multicurrency turned on, you can process all transactions in more than one currency. If you select multicurrency, you have to select your home currency. You make this selection on the Company Profile screen in Common Services.

2. Number of fiscal periods.

Select either 12 or 13 periods for your tax year. You make this selection on the Company Profile screen.

3. Currency codes, rate types, tables, and rates

You maintain all currency information using all the Currency screens.


You do not have to create tax calendars before you activate General Ledger. General Ledger creates tax calendars during activation based on the number of years of account history that you want to add.

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