Updating Billing Information Of Quickbooks Payroll Subscription


  • In order to avoid service interruption, you can cautiously and securely amend your billing information for your QuickBooks Payroll Service. Follow the instructions given below depending on the payment method you are using that can be credit card or bank account.
  • In case you are switching your payment from Credit Card to “Electronic Funds Transfer”(EFT) or vice versa, please contact us.


Step by Step process to update billing information of QuickBooks payroll subscription


Step 1:

Open QuickBooks, move the cursor to Employees >My Payroll Service > Account/Billing Information.

Step 2:

Sign in using your login details to My Account.This will allow QuickBooks to open the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.

Step 3:

In the Annual Billing Details section, the level of information and the link to click vary per role/user:

  • Edit link
  • In case you view the current credit card information, you are the billing contact of your company.Select the Edit

QuickBooks Pauroll - Edit Link

  • Reset the Payment link
  • For security issues, only the billing contact
    can see the current credit card information in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks - Payroll



  • The Holder is the name on the credit card but not undoubtedly the billing contact.
  • Add Credit Card link
  • In case you see Add Credit Card link in the Annual Billing Details section, it means that either you have not entered your credit card information or may be using EFT. Select the Add Credit Card link.

Company Payroll -QuickBooks

Step 4:

Input your new credit card information, and then click Continue.

Step 5:

Analyze your subscription details (subscription type, renewal date, and fee).

Step 6:

Select the Log Out link at the upper right, and close the page.

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