Update Payroll Admin information in QuickBooks


  • The Payroll Administrator refers to the company’s main contact person, whom you can enquire about day-to-day payroll issues and activities. The Payroll Administrator can be someone who is authorized to process payroll for the company, who is authorized to access all the company’s payroll details, and who can answer questions on the behalf of the company principal regarding payroll details.
  • This tutorial describes how to change Payroll Admin information.


Major Assumptions

  • You must have an active, latest version of QuickBooks and access to the Internet.
  • You must have an authorized contact of the account.


Step by Step process to update the Payroll Administrator information



The process described below is for Basic, Standard, and Enhanced.

Step 1:

Open QuickBooks, move to Employees> My Payroll Service> Account/Billing Information.

Step 2:

Log in using your Intuit Account credentials. This will open the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.

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Step 3:

Go to the Company Information section, select the Edit link next to Contacts.

Step 4:

In case you have signed up for direct deposit, input your direct deposit PIN and select Continue.

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Step 5:

Make Changes in the contact details of the Payroll Admin: First Name, Last name, Phone and Email.

Step 6:

Select Update.

Step 7:

Wait for the confirmation of the update and select Close.

Step 8:

Review the updated Contacts details and then close the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.

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