Timeline for Direct Deposit Processing in QuickBooks

The following are the timeline for direct deposit processing

Demand draft is sent to Intuit.

  • The status of the transaction till this stage is pending.
  • You can transmit payroll details to Intuit before 5:00 pm PST prior to 2 banking days before the check date in case there’s a need to void any of the paychecks or send additional paychecks.
  • The timeline here is at 5:00 pm PST, payroll take off.
  • Important Note: Paychecks can be sent before 45 days in advance.
  • Holiday Reminder


Payroll is taken off

  • Demand Draft payroll is offloaded 2 banking days prior to the paycheck date at 5:00 PM PST.
  • The Direct Deposit transaction at this stage cannot be terminated.
  • Demand draft payroll is electronically sent to ACH (Automatic Clearing House) for further processing.
  • your bank account will be debited by a banking day before paycheck date.
  • This may happen anytime within 24 hour window.
  • FAQs for bank returns (NSF)


The Pay Day when the Funds are posted.

  • Funds are transferred to your employee’s account on the paycheck date.
  • Availability of funds or Time of DD posting is determined by the employee’s bank and is not controlled by Intuit.
  • In case the paycheck date falls on a non-banking day, the funds will be deposited in the Employee’s bank account on the next banking day.
  • Employee’s bank has till 11:59 PM of the day of the check date to deposit the funds to the employee’s bank account.
  • When does direct deposit post?


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