About Changing SUI Rate in QuickBooks Assisted Payroll


  • In our previous Quickbook tutorials, we have learnt some important facts about assisted payroll in QuickBooks.In this tutorial, we will learn some important things to read before changing your SUI rate in QuickBooks assisted payroll

  • In case the changes in rate affects any payroll developed in a previous quarter or you need guidance for fixing an SUI inconsistency in QuickBooks, contact Assisted Payroll Support.


To properly assist you, ensure that you meet the following:

  • You should be the company’s primary principal or payroll administrator.
  • You must be logged in to QuickBooks in single user mode.
  • You have to create a local back up of your QuickBooks company file.
  • You might not have a payroll in QuickBooks that is waiting to send.
  • In case you have a payroll in QuickBooks that has not been sent till date, either send payroll data or delete the paychecks.
  • You need to send two zero payrolls so that you can get any payroll service updates, like rate changes Intuit received from the agency or state ID changes or manual billing charges, etc.


Do you want to change your surcharge or assessment to State Unemployment rates for next year?

It is highly recommended that you must wait until the calendar date has been changed to the new year before your do your updates.

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