Step by Step Process to Compete in the IRS E-File Program

In our previous tutorial, we have learnt about E-file for accountants. In this tutorial, we will learn about how to compete in the IRS e-file program.

Step by Step process to compete in the IRS e-file program

  • The 8633 form is no more used as of October 2012. The new process that follows is the recent process that the IRS has.
  • It is provided for your knowledge and subject to change by the IRS. Ensure the confirmationof the correct process with the IRS.
  • This process is completed in the following three phases


Phase 1:

Set up an IRS e-Services Account

Phase 2:

Submit Your Application

Phase 3:

Pass a Suitability Check

  • Once you have submitted your application and the documents related to it , the IRS will perform a suitability check on the firm and each and every person listed on your application as either a principal or responsible official.
  • It may include: a credit check, a tax compliance check or a criminal background check; and a check for prior non-compliance along with IRS e-file requirements. Once it is approved, you can get an acceptance letter from the IRS with your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN).
  • Now the user have established himself as a Reporting Agent


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