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Cancelled Customer Payroll Tax Center


#Q1:How tolog onto the Payroll Tax Center onceserviceis cancelled?

To no longer access your payroll tax returns via QuickBooks. Please follow the instructions given below to access your return information:

  • Select the link or copy and paste to Internet browser if you are using any other browser.
  • Input your company’s EIN and Payroll PIN.
  • Once logged in, you will observe a link to online formsduly filed for your organization. These PDF files canbe printed, saved, or emailed.


Kindly Note:

  • If you are not provided with the form in the Payroll Tax Center, or if you no more have your Payroll PIN and EIN knowledge, you MUST request paper copies of your returns by completing this form: Tax Copy Request Form.
  • The Payroll Tax Center can also be accessed for cancelled clients until June of the following year from the date of your service cancellation. If you cannot access to your site, you must ask for paper copies of your returns by filling this form: Tax Copy Request Form.


#Q2 :What to  do if you forget your  payroll PIN?

You MUST request paper copies by filling this form: Tax Copy Request Form. The Payroll Services do not create new PINS for cancelled customers.

#Q3:What all kinds of forms are available?

All the Payroll Tax Returns that Payroll Services has filed for your organization should be available in the Cancelled Client Payroll Tax Center.

#Q 4: How can you get copies of your payroll tax returns?

You will continue to access replicas of your payroll tax returns online via the Cancelled Client Payroll Tax Center till June of the year following the cancellation dates . You are going to receive paper copies of such returns.


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