QuickBooks A/R Workflow Transactions: How to Use Deposit


By default, the payments go to the Undeposited Funds. If you want the payments to go to a specific Account instead, you can turn off Undeposited Funds by setting the Payments Preferences. Once the Undeposited Funds option is turned off, you will see the Deposit to dropdown on the Receive Payments window. You can click the dropdown; so’ you can choose the account you want to deposit the money to.


Step 1:

Go to Home Screen or the Banking menu, and then select Record Deposits/Make Deposits.

Step 2:

On the “Payments to Deposit” window that appears, select the payments you want to deposit

Step 3:

Now click Ok.


  • Possibly, the Payments to Deposit window may not appear. There are two possible reasons why the Payment to Deposit window did not appear.
  • Your Undeposited Funds is not turned on.
  • You have not received any payments yet.


Step 4:

To open the Payments to Deposit window at any time, click Payments in the Make Deposits window.

Step 5:

In the Make Deposits window, click the Deposit To dropdown and choose the Account where the payment will be deposited to.

Step 6:

Enter the date.

Step 7:

(Optional) Enter memo.

Step 8:

Add any additional payments to deposit.

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