Paying Independent Contractors using Direct Deposit


  • Have you already set up and signed up your independent contractors for Direct Deposit? You should do that first before you can pay them with direct deposit.
  • Now, ensure that you meet these prerequisites before paying your independent contractors through Direct Deposit:
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard & Enhanced customers should have the recent release of QuickBooks Desktop installed, and must sign up for the Direct Deposit service.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted customers must have the recent release of QuickBooks Desktop installed.
  • This service ismade available only to payroll customers for making payments to independent contractors and must not be used to pay bills or make any payments to individuals or entities other than independent contractors.
  • Once you have fulfilled these requirements, youmight want to pay your independent contractors direct deposits via Write Checks.



  • What to do when you require to void the independent contractor direct deposit you just sent?
  • You should be able to stop the debit. Detect the check in your register and then send the void details to Intuit using the Send Center.
  • As soon as the void is sent, the liability check response will post in the memo of the check if the funds were recovered that means the funds will not be debitedor not recovered i.e. the funds have been offloaded.


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