Not able to email transactions or forms via QuickBooks Email service


While trying to send forms or email transactions via QuickBooks you might face one of the following:-



Email got stuck while on your connecting page

White Blank Page

Loading dots appear on the page and looks like it is trying doing something.

Sending Form

Window of the sending form got stuck Or the transactions no send

To fix these types of issues you can try the following options :-


Step 1.

  • The issue has been resolved
  • You can try to send your email forms again.
  • If the issue still occurs, you can follow these steps to change the email Preferences.
  • To change your email Preferences


Option 1.

If you are using Outlook or webmail service such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, or any other service provider, you can use the web mail service in QuickBooks.

For Outlook:-



Choose Preferences from the Edit menu and click Send Forms.

Step 2.

Then tick the Outlook radio button and click OK.

For Webmail:-

Step 1.

Select Preferences under Edit menu and clickSend Forms.

Step 2.

Tick the Web mail radio button and click the Add button.

Step 3.

Fill the Add Email Info field and click OK.

Step 4.

Click OK to save.

Option 2.

In case, you don’t want to change your email service, you can try it after some time.

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