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#Q 1: How to get copies of my W-2s?

In case yourequest W-2s on your duly request to cancel service, copies will be provided in the Payroll Tax Center on January 10th. You may access these from the Payroll Tax center with the following the instruction given in the previous tutorials. Your employees will get printed copies of their W-2s, although you are a Self-Print customer, as it is Intuit’s policy to offer every customer who cancels service with paper replicas of these documents.

Kindly Note:

You are going to be billed for the printed copies during the time of cancellation and your employees are going to receive the printed copies by January 26th. The total cost is a $40 setup fee and $4.25 per employee.

#Q 2: It is expected additional returns and/or W-2s – while they Will Be Online?

You might expect to find any additional returns of payroll services prepares for you in the Cancelled Customer Payroll Tax Center depending on the following schedule:


#Q 3: How long it is going to take to Access Forms Online?

You may continue to have access to this information via Payroll Tax Center till June of the next calendar year after service cancellation. If your access period has expired, you can ask for copies of your tax filings by following this process: Request Copies of Tax Forms.

#Q 4: Can paper copies forms be made available from Intuit?

You may request paper copies of your returns by requesting tax copies.

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