Installation of QuickBooks 2016?

Installing QuickBooks Pro 2016 on your computer is easy. This document consists of some installation guidelines and the screen shots that you will see when installing QuickBooks Pro 2016.

Please pay careful attention to the screen shots as they serve as a guide particularly during the registration process.
Double click on QBInstall.exe to begin installation.

You should have received a license number and product number from Administrative Services. The license number is 15 digits long in the pattern 9999‐9999‐9999‐999 and the product number is 6 digits long in the pattern 999‐999.

You will need to supply a User ID which is typically your email address. You will also need the password associated with that User ID/email address (if it was used for previous QuickBooks registrations).

Here are the steps for installing QuickBooks 2016:

1 :

Download the application setup file from the URL

2 :

Select the correct version of QuickBooks that you need to download and a small installer file will be downloaded.

3 :

Double click on QBInstall.exe to begin installation.

4 :

The InstallShield Wizard window should appear.
InstallShield Wizard window

5 :

Click Next.

6 :

At the Intuit QuickBooks Installer window, click Next.
QuickBooks Installer window

7 :

At the License Agreement , add a check to “I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.
License Agreement

8 :

Enter the License Number and Product Number that you received from Administrative Services then press Next.
License and product numbers

At the “Choose your installation type” screen, select Express and click Next.

Choose your installation type

9 :

At the “Ready to install” screen, click Install.
Ready to install

10 :

You will be asked to activate your copy using a User ID (typically your email address) and password.
Activate your copy using a User ID


If no account existing for your User ID (i.e. email address), you will be prompted to create an account with additional information.

11 :

At the “Choose a Customer Account” screen, your name, email, phone and company should be displayed. Click Next.
Choose a Customer Account

12 :

Continue with the registration by verifying your information and pressing Next
Register your product and get started

13 :

At the “Register your product and get started!” screen, complete the survey and click Register QuickBooks.
Register your product and get started

14 :

You have now completed the install and registration process.
You have now completed the install
registration process

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