How To Write Checks In QuickBooks

Checks are the most convenient way of recording business transactions in QuickBooks. Also procedure to record them in the underlying is quite a process.

Below are some easy steps that can be adopted for beginners while recording their first Check transaction’s in QuickBooks.

Step 1

  • Open a Check
  • Go to the Plus Sign Menu and under Vendors choose Check.



Step 2

  • Enter Payee Info
  • Type the payee’s name in the Choose a payee field. If this is a new vendor, click Add


When you do this, it will open a New Name window where you can click Details if you want to add more information. Otherwise, you can do this later and just click Save.


Step 3

  • Choose an Account
  • Choose either a checking or savings account or you can add a new one.



Step 4

  • Enter Date
  • Enter the check’s payment date, which might not be today’s date.



Step 5

  • Choose an Account Category
  • Under Account Details, click Account and choose the appropriate category for the item or service you bought.



Step 6

  • Add a Description
  • In the description field, you can name and describe the item or service you want.



Step 7

  • Check Amount
  • In the amount field, type the amount for this check.



Step 8

  • Check Number
  • If you’ve handwritten this check, enter the check number. If you’re printing the check, leave the check number blank.



Step 9

  • Printing Checks
  • To print just this one check, click Print Check. If you’re going to enter a check and want to print several at once, click Print Later.



Step 10

  • Saving Checks
  • Click Save and New to enter the next check, or Save and Close when you’re all done



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