How to Switch Between Single User and Multi User Mode in QuickBooks



Single-user mode is the highly recommended mode to send payroll. You must ensure that all other users must log out of QuickBooks before you switch to single user mode quickbooks.

Once you have finished working in single-user mode, you can switch back to multi-user mode.

Expected Output:

You will switch to either mode may it be the multi user mode or single user mode.

It is assumed that you have multi user set up in QuickBooks.

Step by Step Process to switch to single user mode or multi user mode

Step 1:

If you are switching to single-user mode, ensure that no other user is logged into QuickBooks. In case they are, ask them to sign out.

Step 2:

Select File> Switch to Single-user Mode or File > Switch to Multi-user Mode.

In case Switch to Multi-user Mode is not available or grayed out, validate that all users are logged out of QuickBooks.

Step 3:

Follow the on screen instructions to switch, and then log in again.

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