How to Set up a Vendor and Print 1099/1096 Forms

Follow the instructions given below to set up a vendor that are independent contractor
Remember that you have the option to e-file your 1099 forms to the IRS.
What to do if Form 1096 prints with 1099-PATR box checked instead of 1099-MISC?
When printing form 1096, mark the checkbox in the bottom of the form for 1099-PATR instead of the box for 1099-MISC.
You can escape from such situation with a program update released around January 26th 2015. You just need to download and install the latest QuickBooks Desktop updates:
Step 1:
Move to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks.
Step 2:
Select the Update Now tab.
Step 3:
Ensure that Critical Fixes is highlighted at the bottom of the list of updates and select Get Updates.
Once you have downloaded the updates, restart QuickBooks Desktop and try to print a 1096 form again.
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This QuickBooks Desktop support article.
• To know whether your vendor is an Independent Contractor, read the IRS guidelines
• Assisted Payroll does not file 1099 or 1096 forms with the IRS. You have the option to sign up and use the 1099 E-File Service.
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How to set up a 1099 independent contractor vendor in QuickBooks Desktop

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