How to Run Payroll Checkup in QuickBooks



Payroll Checkup is a demonstrative tool in QuickBooks that will help you to do the following:

•    To verify the current setup by scanning your payroll data for the missing information and discrepancies.
•    Review the employee records, wage and tax amounts payroll and  item set up.
•    Recognize the tax amount discrepancies on  the flat-rate tax and it will offer the suggestion on how to fix the problem.

Expected Result

You require to run the Payroll Checkup.


You require to have an active Basic, Standard or Enhanced Payroll subscription and have input your employee and payroll data in QuickBooks.

Important Details

You should create and save a backup of your company file before running a payroll checkup.

In case you have Assisted Payroll, you are not required to run the Payroll Checkup. Still, if you require help fixing payroll calculation errors that are concerned with taxes filed by Intuit, contact us.


Step by Step Process to Run Payroll Checkup:

WARNING! Build and save a backup of your data file first prior to running a Payroll Checkup.

Step 1 :

Choose Employees > My Payroll Service > Run Payroll Checkup.

Step 2:

Follow the instructions given on screen and select Continue to follow the given steps.

In case you find discrepancies in the payroll data, Payroll Data Review Report can assist you identify the source of the discrepancy.


Step by Step process to correct wage and tax amounts using the Payroll Checkup

Step 1:

Review Employee Setup using the Employee Withholding report.

Step 1.1 :

Navigate to Reports > Employees and Payroll.

Step 1.2 :

Choose Employee Withholding.

Step 1.3:

View the report for any setup error again.

Step 1.4:

Correct the employee setup.

Step 2:

Run a payroll checkup.

Step 3:

Click Step 6 for Data Review.

Step 4:

In the Review your payroll data window, click:

Step 5:

Formulate manual adjustments to correct wage or tax discrepancies.

Congratulations ! You have successfully established the payroll checkup.

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