How to Request for a new PIN in QuickBooks

In this tutorial, we will learn how to request for a new PIN in QuickBooks. Before that you require to go through the following major requirements.

Major Requirements to request for a new PIN:


Requirement 1:

You need to download the PIN request form.

Requirement 2:

  • The form should be signed by the Primary Principal or Secondary Principal.
  • The Primary Principal is that person whom you have assigned as the owner of the company when you have signed up for the direct deposit services.


Requirement 3:

Mention the EIN -Employer Identification Numberof the organization that is requesting for PIN change.

Requirement 4:

  • You need a photocopy of any government issued ID For example driver s license of the Primary Principal.
  • It is important that the name and the signature in the ID is clear, and the ID is should be valid and not expired.
  • Once the requirements are sent, your company’s Payroll Administrator or Primary Principal you can contact us to get the new PIN.
  • Assisted Payroll subscribers needs to read How to recover or change the lost PIN for Assisted Payroll.


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