How to Handle Drive Payroll Processing Exceptions in QuickBooks


1. Termination Checks:

For released employees employers need to create a same-day check. No additional backdate fee will be charged from customers in the following conditions.

  • Release dates entered in QuickBooks Desktop for the employees involved in the payroll run.
  • The check date cannot be a past date. So it is dated either today or tomorrow.


2. Same-day pay:

For employees that need paycheck for the same day and are not counted in the class of released employee, the advance payroll and repayment features are used in Desktop QuickBooks.

3. Payroll corrections:

Payroll errors can be corrected by making an unscheduled payroll run or consider underpaid amounts in an upcoming payroll run.

4. Performance-based pay:

  • There are a few employees including corporate officers whose payments are made┬ábased on quarterly profit or revenues.
  • In such cases, the accountant has to calculate the quarter revenue first and then create a paycheck.
  • Then they ask employees to date their distribution checks so that they fall within the end of the quarter or fiscal year.
  • The Accountant must work upon reviewing options that avoid creating the paycheck after the desired pay date.


5. Prior Quarter Payments:

An employee should be paid for his services in the first quarter and this must be entered into record. Your accountant must ensure if there is any requirement for late processing or backdating.

6. Cash Flow

  • For Assisted Payroll, because of the two-business day processing requirement to fund, pay and file your payroll taxes, having Intuit process, pay and file your taxes may not be desired.
  • You may consider other Intuit Payroll offerings that enable you to process your own payroll and tax filings.
  • Intuit can remove the fee for late payroll processing for Assisted Payroll in only one condition.
  • The reason for late processing is due to an Intuit error or there is an uncontrollable circumstance and arrangements have been made in advance with Intuit.

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