How To Download QuickBooks Software Update




QuickBooks Desktop regularly provides maintenance releases and product (software) updates to fix known issues, update compliance information and add features and enhancements.  For QuickBooks Desktop to function as designed, you must use the latest product update or release version.


  • Press F2 on your keyboard to open the Product Information window and check which release version of QuickBooks Desktop you are using. Your release version is displayed at the top, adjacent to your QuickBooks Desktop version.

  • To check for latest updates, view the recent software releases and security updates for your Desktop QuickBooks.


Critical Fixes or ULIP


ULIP (Ultra-Light Patch) is a QuickBooks Desktop feature where minor critical fixes can be delivered without the requirement for an actual release patch. The patch release process will be preceded as in R releases such as 2014 R3.


The major benefit of these is that we can deliver fixes sooner rather than wait for the scheduled release patch. For more information, see QuickBooks Critical Fixes updates (ULIP).


You must not get confused between software update of QuickBooks Desktop with payroll Tax Table Update. Current tax table update is necessary for payroll taxes calculations, whereas software update is to ensure that QuickBooks Desktop program/software has most recent enhancements and features.


Disk Delivery Service:


In the case of Disk Delivery Service, the product update gets installed along with the tax table update when there the disk space is available.


If the auto-install utility does not work, or your tax table disk does not have the update folder in it:


  • Download the qbwebpatch.exe file manually. A computer with an internet connection is required to do a manual download.
  • Save the download to a removable disk.
  • Install the software update on the computer that you use for your Disk Delivery service.

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