How to Customize Reports in QuickBooks

In this tutorial, we will learn how to customize reports so that they can display only the employees, tax items and the affected date.

Step by step process to customize reports


Step 1:

Select Customize Report tab.

Step 2:

Select Display tab and click the date range from drop down list or fill in the From and To dates.

For Example:

In case you are adjusting 1st quarter, your report must have a From Date of 01/01 through 03/31.

Step 3:

Select the Filters tab and click specific items from the Filter list that you want to display.

For Examples:

  • In case you wish to display specific employees, select name from the filter list and tick mark individual employee names from list.
  • In case you wish to display specific list of payroll items/tax items, select payroll item from filter list.
  • While creating the adjustment, the amount of Medicare employee income subject to tax is your FUTA income subject to tax/Social Security Employee income subject to tax.


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