How to Cancel Your Pyroll Subscription Online in QuickBooks


In this tutorial, we will learn how to cancel the payroll subscription online in QuickBooks.


Step by Step Process to cancel the payroll subscription online:


Step 1:

Intuit Account with the provided credentials. In case you are enquired about the confirmation code.


FAQs of Multifactor Authentication.

Step 2:

Go to Products & Services, select the Payroll Subscription that you are cancelling.
How to cancel your payroll subscription online in QuickBooks

Step 3:

Select the Cancel Service link below the status shown on the upper side right corner of the page.
The Cancel Service

Step 4:

Choose a reason to cancel for example Business has no employee or is closed.

Step 5:

In case you are cancelling within 60 days from the initial purchase date. Choose among the options on how you wish to cancel your payroll subscription.

Option 1:

Cancel Now–This is to cancel the payroll subscription immediately and you will receive a complete refund for the subscription which will be credited through the payment information that you have provided at the time of activation/purchase.


You will be required to return the physical products in case you are cancelling a retail version of QuickBooks Payroll.

Option 2:

Cancel on Next Billing Date–You may consume the period that the service has been paid for but the service will not get auto-renewed. You will receive a confirmation mail mentioning that the service has been set to expire.

Step 6:

In case you are cancelling after more than 60 days from the initial purchase date. Select Cancel on Next Billing Date. This will prohibit the auto-renewal of your payroll subscription and will set it to expire but you will still be able to consume the rest of the period that your service has been paid for.

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