General Features of QuickBooks Payroll Services


The following are the general features of QuickBooks payroll services.

Payroll Updates

These payroll updates have the most recent and accurate rates and calculations for supported and federal state tax tables, e-file and pay options and payroll tax forms.


Frequently Asked Questions about QuickBooks payroll updates

Create Paychecks

Generate paychecks with automatic tax calculations. Get them Printed and hand them over to your employees.

Important Note:

Nominal usage charges may apply.

Direct Deposit for Employees

There is an option to deposit the employee’s payroll directly to the employee’s savings or checking bank account.

Important Note:

Nominal per-transaction and per-payroll transmission charges may apply.


Direct Deposit requirements, signup, and activation.

Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors

Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors enables QuickBooks payroll customers to send direct deposits to 1099 Independent Contractors.

Important Note:

Nominal per-check charges may apply.


Sign up and set up Direct Deposit for Independent Contractors


“ViewMyPaycheck” is a website ( that is the easiest way for employers to give employees 24/7 online access to their own paycheck information. You do not require to print and mail pay stubs every payday or damaged pay stubs or replacing lost. Employees can directly sign in to their “ViewMyPaycheck” account and view any current or prior pay stubs.

Federal Forms

With Enhanced and Standard Payroll, QuickBooks autofill’s the latest W-2, 94x Forms, 1099/1096 Form and other Federal Forms. For just a few clicks, you can print the forms in QuickBooks and mail to the appropriate federal agencies. With Assisted Payroll, Intuit may file and pays the taxes for you.

State Forms

In case of Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks automatically fills in the latest State Tax Forms. QuickBooks will advise you how to process the forms and help you stay in compliance with your State regulations. With Assisted Payroll, Intuit files and pays the taxes for you.

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