Frequently Asked Questions- Multi Factor Authentication in QuickBooks


Multi-factor authentication is a two-step authentication process that helps you to have a secure access to your account. This process asks authorized users of the Intuit account for details that only they should know and that helps to verify ownership of that account.

For example:

A Pin code (personal identification number) is required to use an ATM card. You require both the card and the PIN before any money transactions.


Why multi factor authentication is required to sign into my account?

Q1. What should the user do if he has not received the code in his mail?

  • It can sometimes take a few minutes for the code to arrive in your email box. Kindly wait several moments.
    You may also wish to check your bulk/spam/junk mail folder to see if the code went there.
  • In case the code does not arrive, click the “Didn’t receive a code” link in the Check your email window to generate another code.



Once a new code has been generated, all prior code will get expired. It is highly important that you should use the most recent confirmation code in the Check your email window.

Q2.What to do if your code doesn’t work?

  • In case you have typed the exact code that was sent on your mail and it doesn’t work, it may happen because you have either left the screen or generated another code.
  • Kindly click “Didn’t receive a code”, then wait until the new code arrives. This may take several moments. You need to Use the most recent code sent to you and ensure to keep your browser window open.


Important NOTE:

Some email platforms may append emails from the same sender, so your latest code may be displayed as a response or reply to one of the earlier codes.

Q3. Does this code get expired?

Yes. Each code has to be used only once. Your code will get expired after it’s been used, in case you have requested a new one, or after an hour.

Q4. Does the user need to confirm a new code every time he signs in?

There are various factors that determine if you are required to confirm a new one-time confirmation code. You may be asked to confirm a new code if you clear your browser cookies, use incognito browsing, or device or use a new computer.


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