FAQ’s Agency Notifications For Service Cancellation – QuickBooks


#Q1.Do the user needs to notify anyone if he wants to cancel the services?

The user needs to immediately contact the State and Federal Tax Agencies with which they are registered to request and confirm that they have removed Intuit from their company’s record and that future correspondence is directly sent to their company’s address. Failure to update the agencies may result in avoidable delays in future correspondence.

#Q2. Do the user needs to notify anyone if he is not processing payroll for this EIN anymore?

Yes, the user will need to notify state agencies that he will no longer be processing payroll for his EIN or Account Number. In order to close a state withholding or unemployment account, many agencies require a letter written on your company letterhead and duly signed by an officer of your company.


The  Payroll Services offered by Intuit marks IRS forms 940 and 941 and state of California returns as final and implements  closure on your behalf if you mark “Do you want Intuit to close the payroll portion of your FEIN with the IRS?” as “yes”. Intuit will file all of the quarters in the current year and mark the 4th quarter and Annual Tax filings as final.

#Q3.Why does the Intuit Payroll Services do not apply closure to state withholding and unemployment account numbers?

Many agencies require that you, not your accountant or payroll provider, apply closure to those accounts. As a Part of the requirement is mostly a letter written on your company letterhead by an officer of your company.


California permits Intuit to close your EDD Account.

#Q4. How do the user will know what information is to be provided to the state when closing my account?

  • Each state can suggest you of the required details to close your account.
  • The user is required to sign a Power of Attorney form as part of my payroll sign up.


#Q5. Why does Intuit use this to close the state tax account(s)?

Your company may sign a limited power of attorney (Form 8655). It means that Intuit has limited powers to act in favor of your company related to payroll tax matters; however, Intuit may not have power of attorney to apply the closure to state tax accounts.

#Q6. Who is responsible for future tax notices?

Intuit is not authorized to represent you on payroll tax notices or correspondence for services provided outside your contract period. Intuit will not be responsible for future correspondence that may be sent to as an error.

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