Impact Of Changing The Email Address In The Intuit Login Account QuickBooks


#Q1. Will the user ID get changed after changing the email address?

No. Changing the email address does not change the User ID. It is recommended that you should change your user ID if it is the same as your email address. If not, then you will have to remember to use your old email address as your User ID and this can create confusion.In order to change your user ID, you require to editing the user ID field on the same account management page.

Points to Remember:

In case you have multiple Intuit product or service associated with your account and user ID, this user ID change will affect all of the associated products.

#Q2. What if the old email address is the user ID?

  • Most users find that keeping their user ID and their email address the same is the convenient way to remember their user ID. It is recommended that to change your email address and your user IDsimultaneously.
  • However, in case you prefer to have a User ID that is not equivalent to your email address, you may select to do that. Although, if you do not change your user ID and keep it same as your old email address, that could be difficult to remember.


Points to Remember:

For QuickBooks users or accountants who use Online Payroll for Accountants (IOP4A) or Full Service Payroll Account Portal (IFSP AC), the user ID’s are separated from your Intuit account and all the data about those sign in credentials must be changed in the payroll accountant products.


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