Assisted Service Payroll Cancellation in QuickBooks


  • Assisted Payroll-You enter your payroll information in QuickBooks and transfer the data to Intuit to pay and file your taxes.
  • For your Assisted Payroll Service cancellation,use the Online Cancellation Form. A confirmation message will be receivedfor cancellation and other important information within 3 business days of submission of the Request to Cancel Service.



If you will need Intuit Assisted Payroll to provide future tax filings and W-2s, please certify your employee information such as address,wagesand social security number before submitting the request to cancel service. After the cancellation of your service, this information cannot be updated in our system.


A current email address is REQUIRED for all cancellation requests.A confirmation of cancellationwill be received and other crucial information within 3 business days of our receipt of the request to cancel form.


You have an active Intuit Assisted Payroll subscription and Intuit files and pays your Payroll Tax.

Will Intuit continue to file tax returns for users even if the services are cancelled?

If the payroll is completely processed with your FEIN after the cancellation of the services, then if the tax returns will be filed to the agencies it will create tax notices for your company.


  • In the case of cancellation of your services at the end of a quarter or year, and Intuit has all of the wage information for that period, Intuit’s payroll services can file your tax returns.
  • In case you do not have any more payroll in the current year, taxes will be filed for the year, including W-2s until you request the filings on the Request to Cancel Service form.
  • Annual Federal and State Returns will only be prepared and filed if the W2s are also being prepared.


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