An Overview SUI Rate for Basic, Enhanced or Standard Payroll in QuickBooks


Important Facts about SUI regarding quickbooks site

  • Rates are exclusively for your business and issued by your state.
  • Rates are not included in the tax table update and critical that you input your current rate in Quickbooks
  •  It is only paid by the employer, unless you are in a state that desire employees to contribute
  • SUI wage base limit is updated by the tax table depending on the state’s requirements, and cannot be manually changed
  •  Most states update their SUI rate in the starting of the year while others likes New Jersey, Vermont and Tennessee, update their rates in the third quarter of the year.
  • In case you have received a notice of the changed rates from your state, read How to Read SUI rate change notifications.


Important Note:

  • In case you have Assisted Payroll, read SUI rate change for Assisted Payroll.
  • The majority of states includes a surcharge or assessment to State Unemployment.


To make sure that you input the correct percentage rate for the SUI portion:

  • Compare the breakdown of rate on your notice with a sample copy for your state. Read SUI rate change notifications.
  • In case your state is attached with an assessment or surcharge item, you need to update the rate for that payroll item (as per the requirement) in QuickBooks desktop.


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