An Overview of E-file for Accountants

All the Accountants e-filing federal tax returns for employers should register with the IRS as a reporting agent. QuickBooks has broadened the supported functionality to have e-filing as a Reporting Agent.

Important Assumptions

You should have the supported QuickBooks Accountants edition and an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription to have access to the option to E-File federal payroll tax reports as a Reporting agent.

Important Note:

This information is provided and subject to change by the IRS. You need to confirm the correct process with the IRS.

Step by step process to Complete and submit to the IRS a Form 8655 for every client for whom you will e-file.


Step 1:

  • Access Form 8655 and fill in the required details.
  • Instructions required for completing the form are included on page 2 of the form.
  • Line 15 is the most critical. This is the line where you indicate the tax returns you will be filing as a reporting agent for this
    particular client.
  • In case you do not input the information into a form here, you may not e-file that form for the client.


Step 2:

Input the first tax year (YYYY) you will start e-filing for Form 940 and Form 944.

Step 3:

Input the ending month of the first quarter (MM/YYYY) you will begin e-filing for Form 941.

Step 4:

Get the taxpayer (your client) sign and date the return. The Guidelines on who can sign the 8655 is included in the instructions on page 2.

Step 5:

Print the completed forms, along with a list of your clients that includes the business name and EIN, to the IRS.

Step 6:

Submit the forms by fax or mail.

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