Additional Information for Direct Deposits-QuickBooks

  • A direct deposit bank account information must always be entered from a check, not from a deposit slipbecause the information on a deposit slip is not valid for direct deposit.


  • Account information must be within the United States. Automated Clearing House (ACH) processes that are different and outside the united States, do not correlate with Desktop QuickBooks.


  • Contact the card provider for routing and account number information, for the pay cards.


  • The employee’s bank account information can be updated from the same page where you have created it initially. This has to be done before creating a paycheck for the employee. If you have created the paychecks before updating the employee’s account information it will get deposited to the old bank account.


To escape from such a situation, the paychecks can be deleted and recreated before sending them to Intuit, or you can:

  1. Open the paycheck and move to the Paycheck Detail window.
  2. Uncheck the Use Direct Deposit option on the paycheck detail and click Save > Save & Close.
  3. Open the paycheck again and choose the Use Direct Deposit option. Click Save.


  • Employees’ money market accounts can be used for direct deposit as long as they accept ACH transactions. Ask the employee to cross check with their bank whether the money market account should be tagged as savings or


  • The employee will need to get the account routing number from the bank or other savings institution, for savings accounts


  • If the employee’s bank requirement is that the account needs to be tagged as money market then convey the employees that QuickBooks Desktop only accepts savings or checking accounts, so they should choose checking.


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