What to Do When I Stop Receiving Emails In Office Outlook?


If you are unable to view emails that someone sends you, there are many ways you can go to sort the problem out. Have a look to know more about those techniques-


Checking junk emails-

Select Junk or Junk Email folder and look for the missing email that someone has sent you. If you find email that should not be in junk folder, right-click the email and select Not Junk, the email will automatically move into your inbox folder.


Checking your inbox filter and sorting the settings

Filtration and sorting options available at the top of message list allows you to see expected message on the top of your email list. You would not miss reading any important message by keeping your inbox in particular or usual arrangement. For filtering, go to View: setting or View: All, select arrow next to View and then select All.

For sorting the emails, select Arrange from option. To check recent messages arrived in your inbox, select the Date.  You can also search from specific person by selecting the option From.


Choose your version to troubleshoot the issue-

Outlook is always available with some added features and more improvements. These changes are being enjoyed by the users. Remaining troubleshooting steps depend on if you’ve been upgraded your version and got new experience.


Troubleshooting steps for classic Outlook.com

Check your Blocked and Safe sender’s lists
•    Go to Options > Options
•    From Junk email, select Safe and blocked senders > Blocked senders
•    Select address and Remove from list, if you see sender’s address listed under Blocked senders


If senders’ address does not exist, add them to your Safe senders list.
•    Choose Options > Options
•    Form Preventing junk email, select Safe and blocked senders > Safe senders
•    If Sender or domain has marked as safe box, enter the sender’s email address
•    Now choose Add to list
Checking junk email settings
•    Choose Options >  Options
•    From Preventing junk email, choose Filters and reporting
•    Select junk email filter and select level of protection and then choose Save


Some junk email may go to your inbox and you will need to manually mark those messages as junk. And, with Exclusive, some lawful mails may go into your Junk folder, so, you will need checking the folder periodically.

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