Verifying the Type of Subscription in Office 365

You can effortlessly verify which subscription of Office 365 your organization has, only when you are an admin of the account. For this, you will need to go to the subscription page in the admin center. Here are a few simple steps to know subscription-

Step 1

Sign in to your Office 365 as a global admin. Make sure you have selected right kind of account between work or school

Step 2

Now, select app launcher icon located at the upper-left and then click Admin

Step 3

After reaching the admin center, select Billing and then Subscription

Step 4

If your organization has only one subscription, it will be displayed on the subscription page along with important elements like Subscription name, info about subscription, status etc. Here is how the page of subscription will look like- .

Step 5

On the other hand, if your organization has multiple subscription of Office 365, entire information would be displayed in a column next to the detailed subscription information. This will provide entire information will be provided in that list. You can also get information about trail subscription. The subscription at the top of the list is the active subscription and entire information for the subscription will be available there. You can select particular subscription pack to see detailed information for, if you have multiple subscriptions.

By following these steps, you will come to know about the subscription effortlessly!