How to Setup Microsoft Office 365 for Business?

Step I

Create Office 365 and add the domain

First of all, create Office 365 account and add your domain. For this, you will require to use setup wizard for creation of Office accounts for the users and to add your domain. Setup wizard personalizes user’s ID and email for use of your business.

• Now, sign in with your Office 365 admin account via
• Select Go to Setup to start the wizard

To start the wizard, choose Go to setup.

Step II

Installing Office 365

After having Office 365 account, all users can be able installing full versions of office which involves many applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote etc. to their computer as well as on other devices. The desktop version can be installed on up to 5 personal computers or Mac PCs.

1. Go to
2. Sign in with the specific type of account you have and select Choose Install

Step III

Setting up mobile

In order to simplify the activities and getting access from everywhere, you will need installing the software on you mobile and setting up Outlook to work with new mailbox of Office 365. The application with an account can be installed on up to 5 phones or tablets.

Step IV

Importing emails

This step involves import of emails and contacts from other system. This feature of Office 365 allows you to see all mails in just one place and from anywhere

Step V

Downloading and installing Skype

Downloading and installing Skype is quite important to bring most from the advantages of your business version. The messenger can be installed on all the devices and phones. This will allow tracking the jobs online, starting the chat, hosting video meetings and many more works with up to 250 people. Office 365 is such wonderful application to execute business activities. By signing in to the account, you can see Skype for Business and Install it to make it run on the device.