How to Migrate Multiple Email Accounts to Your Office 365?

Migration of emails to Office 365 from other system is quite easy and helps you lessening worries of receiving or sending the emails from one place. Your administrators have authority to migrate mailboxes from exchange server. He can also involve in the same process by going for migrate emails from email system. This will help you users importing their mails, contacts and other important information to this set. Here is a short overview to help one in migration of emails to Office 365-

Migration of Emails from Exchange Server-

This can be done by three types of migration-

• Migrate all mailboxes or Cutover Migration

It is useful if you run Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, or Exchange 2013. You will need to know of what you require for cutover email migration to Office 365. This task can be performed by using Setup wizard, or by starting from the Exchange Admin Center. For EAC, search Perform a cutover migration and see Use the Office 365 Setup wizard to perform a cutover migration during the setup. You can move up to 2000 mailboxes with EAC. However, it requires time to migrate these users. Migration of 150 or less users is quite reasonable with it.

• Migrate Mailboxes In Form Of Batches Or Staged Migration

This is useful for Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007, and gives ability for migration of more than 2,000 mailboxes.

• Migrate Using An Integrated Exchange Server Or Hybrid Migration

It is useful to maintain both on-premises and online mailboxes and to gradually migrate users as well as email to Office 365. However, the type can be used if you have Exchange 2010 and more than 150-2000 mailboxes, want to migrate mailboxes in small batches with Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013.