How to Change Subscription Plan in Office 365?


Every subscription plan of Office 365 has different features and may vary in terms of the benefits for a business. If want to take advantage from the features that are not available in your current plan, you can simply switch the plan. By switching the plan, you may be able to switch some or all users from your current plan to different one.

One of the easiest ways of switching the plan is using Switch plans wizard built into Office 365 admin center. However, it may not be supportable in all situations, especially when you have to switch the plan manually. The switch plans wizard leads you through the process of buying a plan that you can switch to, reassigns all user licenses and also cancel your old plans.


Switching only some users does not work with plans wizard-

The switch plans wizard supports only switching all users from and it is from one subscription to another, however, it does not support switching only some of the users which allows a few specific users taking advantages from a new version. If you want to go with second choice of only some users, you can go with manual techniques-


Verifying whether switch plans wizard is usable to switch your subscription

To do so, you will need to follow these steps-
•    Sign in with your work or school account as a global admin
•    Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and then choose Admin
•    Go to the admin center, select Billing and then Subscriptions.
•    Choose the plan you want to switch from with help of this subscription page. Please note if your dialogue box does not have an option of switch plans, it cannot be done by using switch plan wizard



•    If you see the No switch plans message, in that case you can position your mouse on the
Info icon. A message with ‘wizard is not available’ will be displayed.


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