How to Cancel Your Subscription in Office 365?


Want to cancel your trail or paid subscription? You are free to cancel your Office 365 for business trial or paid subscription in Office 365 admin center, only when you have fewer than 25 licenses. On the other hand, if you have more than 25 users, remove users until they become fewer than 25. By doing this, you would become able canceling your subscription.

•    For paid subscription, there is an option of canceling the subscription with a product key. However, the users cannot claim for a refund in such situation
•    You may need support if you have more than 25 licenses assign to the users
•    You may also require support if for other subscriptions like Microsoft dynamics 365 or Microsoft Intune or other subscription option are unavailable


Here are some points on how you can cancel the subscription of your current Office 365-

Step 1:

Save your data

After cancellation of the plan, you users would not be able accessing the data. It is therefore very important informing the individuals and telling them to save their data from OneDrive or SharePoint online to another location. The customer data available with the software may delete after 90 days or 180 days after cancellation. There are some options like Export or you can backup email, contacts and calendar to an Outlook .pst file to move entire important information to another account.

You are suggested to go for Manual Migration of SharePoint online content to save a document library from SharePoint Online environment to file shares or to a local computer.

Step 2:

Cancel your subscription

You are advised to remove the domain that you added to use with Office 365. Make sure that you remove the domain before completing the cancellation process of subscription.

•    Sign in with your work or school account as a global admin
•    Go to app launcher icon  and then Office 365 app launcher icon available in the upper-left
•    After selection of the icon click Admin
•    Choose Billing > Subscriptions
•    Choose a subscription
•    Select cancel subscription from More Actions menu




•    Do not forget reviewing important dates, give feedback and then lastly click Cancel subscription

Step 3:

Uninstall Office

Remember that Office 365 will not work with more functionality, if you cancel subscription and do not move users to a different subscription. The subscription may include Office. If this problem takes place, you would be able to only read and print documents. Also all Office 365 applications will represent a message of Unlicensed Product. The best way to avoid this situation is uninstalling the program from all machines of your users.

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