How to add users and domains in Office 365?


Part 1:


Firstly, you will need to use Office 365 setup wizard in order to set up Office 365 to use domain and add users you specify. Here are two alternatives that you can go with


Custom domain –

On premise of your requirement, you can either go for using your existing domain or buying a new domain to use the programs of Office 365.

Initial domain –

Apart from custom domain, if you want to use the domain you were given at time of sign up for Office 365, you can simply go with your choice. Since you don’t use your own domain name for email in Office 365, you simply do not need to verify custom domain. Also, you do not need to setup a custom domain.

If you think setting up domain is little technical and takes a bit longer time, do not take time contacting our team and talking to our representatives. We will walk you through gradually. Here are some simple steps to get the process done-

Step 1

  • Verifying domain in Office 365

First of all, you need to verify the domain before bringing it into use with your Office 365. This is simply for assurance that only you will use services or send emails to be received from your business domain.

Go to admin center and select go to setup to start the wizard-


admin-center preview office 365-1


Specify the name of domain you want to use with your Office 365-




In order to enter your custom domain name, you will need following the step given in the window of wizard. Now add the record your own domain-





Part 2:


  • Step 2:


Add users who have emails with domain like yours

After verification of your domain name, you will need entering all those emails address available at your domain. You have choice to switch from the initial domain to your custom domain. This will help you escaping from sign-in and emailing.

One important thing to be noticed here is that all emails sent to your domain will be started receiving by Office 365. So, you will need to be sure that you have created inbox for every individual in the group. This will help maintaining the sending and receiving with Office 365




You can also migrate emails from your previous mail server. It is your choice to do the same on the moment you want.

You will need following some steps that you see on the page. By following these steps, you would become able moving or copying the data from another email provider and with more ease.




  • Step 3:

Setting up emails and other services to your domain in Office 365

This is the last step to follow and to update some records at your DNS host or domain registrar.

Setup wizard will help you by telling exactly which records to update that include values you’ll need for each one. Here, you have two choices for setting up services:

  1. The option Set up my online services for me. (Recommended) Changes your domain’s nameserver records at your domain registrar.  This is a good option unless you have a website of your domain.




2. With I’ll manage my own DNS records you’ll go to your DNS host website to set up the records yourself that also include the MX record for email




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