Detailed Information on How To Sign Up For Office 365 For Office?

Part 1:


Office 365 is complete business solution for every sized of venture. It helps dramatically to boost a business’s productivity and returns at the same time.  If you have a business to run, go with Office 365 and take advantages from a very new version of Microsoft Office. Sign up Office 365 for business and let your team members work with latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications.


Selecting a plan that suits your need-


First thing that you need to do before sign up is putting some thoughts into Office 365 plan you want to go for. You should be familiar of how a plan can be beneficial for your business. Confused? Many sales consultants are available to help you out. Select any of the plan and contact support option to know more about that particular plan of Office 365.


Trial of Office 365                                                             


Office 365 lets you getting a glimpse of the functions with its free trial version. You can either go with this trail pack or you can buy the new subscription available with added features and benefits. When you go with the trail, you are offered a certain period of availing the features and the plan will expire at the end of this trail period. So, you don’t need to cancel it and all the information would automatically be deleted.


Part 2:

Subscribing for a plan


After taking advantages of Office 365 free trail, you can buy a plan meeting your requirements and the information will still be there with the paid version. In order to start, select a plan you want to buy and then start the sign-up wizard. Here are few things that would be asked while you sign up for Office 365 for business


Address and contact information:

  • Enter the country name you want to use Office 365 in and you would not be able changing the same.

  • Email and phone number to complete further process subscription. This would be helpful in changing and getting temporary password, in case you forget it and the mail address is required to receive billing information.

Giving sign-in name or user ID:


The User ID is actually Office 365 email address which would be needed to get started quickly. This would be the email address required to sign in to Office 365. This business would be used like a domain for your user ID. Suppose, the business name is Fourth Coffee, you may select [email protected] for your user ID.


Most people use their custom domain after they sign up to Office 365. They receive emails to this mail address.


Filling up payment information:


After selecting a particular plan of Office 365 for your business, you may be able paying subscription fee with a credit card. You may also have the option to pay by invoice for a certain amount.


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