Blocking A Former Employee’s Mobile Device In Your Office 365


Many organizations provide phones to their employees to make flow in their work. However, it becomes problematic when they have access of your Office 365, which consist important data. Well, there is no cause of worries. By using Exchange admin center you can wipe or block the device. This will remove all data from the device and the person would not be able connecting to your Office 365.


  • Sign in at

  • Under Office 365 admin center, in the lower-left navigation pane, expand Admin centers and select Exchange to make further changes


The screen may look like this


office 365 admin center


  • Go to Exchange admin center> Recipients > Mailboxes

  • Select the user and from Mobile Devices,  select choose View details

  • Now, you will see a page of Mobile Device Details page. From Mobile devices, select the mobile device and then click Wipe Data WipeDevice , and then click Block

  • Follow the last procedure by saving the data


This is how you can block the device from your Office 365 and can protect the data from being hacked or misused in any manner.

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