Adding a User Account in the Office 365 Admin Center

Office 365 is one of largely using Microsoft applications in corporate offices. It allows ability to connect more and more users only after signing in with office 365. So, people of your team will require user account before signing in and accessing Office 365’s various functions. Adding multiple users at a time in office centre enables the users that will allow them to have Office 365 licenses, logon credentials, and Office 365 mailboxes. Here is the procedure of how you can add the users with the software-

Adding a user account in the Office 365 admin center

 First of all, sign in to Office 365 with account, either work or school account

 Go to the Office 365 admin center and then go to home page for selecting Add a user


 After clicking Add a user, you will see a form asking to fill basic information such as first name, last name, display name, user name, and domain. Make sure you fill all the details appropriately to create an account

 You can also enter optional contact information for the person. This will ask you filling up the information about mobile phone, address, department, job title etc. You can create the password to protect the account from unknown user and will require to change it after every 90 days

 If you want to get a copy of this password, be sure entering the email address that the person currently has access to. You can enter up to 5 email addresses separating them by semicolon

 Expand the Roles section and choose Global admin for assigning the users admin privilege. You can also choose Customized administrator to see more options.

 Now, expand the Product licenses section to see the subscriptions to be assigned to the person. Multiple subscriptions can also be listed. The new user can be assigned license from more than one subscriptions

 You can expand Subscription to see the services it includes and also you can turn off specific services, if you don’t wish seeing them. If you assign license without any available licenses, you will get a confirmation screen. This screen will indicate that you are consenting to purchase new license


 Click on save and you will see a confirmation about the creation of account and password

 Everyone designated to get an email notification will receive email from Microsoft Online Services Team, which will appear like this-


 Now you will need to tell the members about their Office 365 sign in information and the individuals can then create a new password for their accounts