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Detailed Information on How To Sign Up For Office 365 For Office?

Part 1:   Office 365 is complete business solution for every sized of venture. It helps dramatically to boost a business’s productivity and returns at the same time.  If you have a business to run, go with Office 365 and take advantages from a very new version of Microsoft Office. Sign up Office 365 for … Read More


How to Change Subscription Plan in Office 365?

  Every subscription plan of Office 365 has different features and may vary in terms of the benefits for a business. If want to take advantage from the features that are not available in your current plan, you can simply switch the plan. By switching the plan, you may be able to switch some or … Read More


How to Delete Former Employee’s Account and Office 365 License?

  Deleting former employee’s Office 365 license    You do not need to pay for a license after someone leaves your organization. All you simply need to do is removing Office 365 license of that person and then deleting the same from your subscription. You also have an option of assigning the same license to … Read More

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What to Do When I Stop Receiving Emails In Office Outlook?

  If you are unable to view emails that someone sends you, there are many ways you can go to sort the problem out. Have a look to know more about those techniques-   Checking junk emails- Select Junk or Junk Email folder and look for the missing email that someone has sent you. If … Read More

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Detailed Information about Creating Office 365 Group in Admin Center

  One of the best features of Microsoft Office 365 is creation of group. Individuals in your organization can get into a common place by joining a group that you create with help of the software. Users can simply create a group from Outlook, OneDrive for business or Calendar. Office 365 admin center is the … Read More

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How To Block Former Employee’s Access To Office 365 Data And Email?

  This is one of the most common questions how to block the access of someone who leaves the organization? Here are some simple steps to block the access of a former employee to Office 365 and to keep the data save from being misused. An important that you need to remember is that it … Read More

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Blocking A Former Employee’s Mobile Device In Your Office 365

  Many organizations provide phones to their employees to make flow in their work. However, it becomes problematic when they have access of your Office 365, which consist important data. Well, there is no cause of worries. By using Exchange admin center you can wipe or block the device. This will remove all data from … Read More

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How to Restore a User Account in Office 365?

  Microsoft Office 365 comes with the feature of restoring user account, which has been deleted before 30 days. When you restore the same account within a period of 30 days, entire data and other important information get restored. The user has access of his work or school account. Two more important things to be … Read More

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How to add users and domains in Office 365?

  Part 1:   Firstly, you will need to use Office 365 setup wizard in order to set up Office 365 to use domain and add users you specify. Here are two alternatives that you can go with   Custom domain – On premise of your requirement, you can either go for using your existing … Read More

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How to Cancel Your Subscription in Office 365?

  Want to cancel your trail or paid subscription? You are free to cancel your Office 365 for business trial or paid subscription in Office 365 admin center, only when you have fewer than 25 licenses. On the other hand, if you have more than 25 users, remove users until they become fewer than 25. … Read More