Which browser should be chosen among IE, Chrome, and Firefox with SharePoint


Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers have few differences; for example, some pages look good in Firefox or Chrome in comparison to Internet Explorer. As Chrome and Firefox were developed to be OS-agnostic, hence they have better support for Mac, Linux and Windows users.
Microsoft has given a best effort to make the SharePoint experience the same in all main-stream browsers; but, you may find situations where few things are not working as expected in all browsers.
The moot point is that if you assume something should work and it is not working, and then applying the same sequence of operations in a different browser, and then select the one that works the best and is fast in comparison.
Mainly the SharePoint page consists of the following major sections:


The header spans the whole top of the page. The header present in a SharePoint page acts like the menu in a traditional Windows Application, such as Microsoft Word. SharePoint 2013 even features the Ribbon in the page header, similar to the Ribbon appearing at the top of many Office applications.

Left navigation pane:

The navigation pane gives fast access to the site’s document libraries, lists, and discussion boards. You can also add links to the content you create, such as documents and web pages.

Page content:

The content displays in the main body of the page.
Usually, the header and left navigation pane remains thoroughly consistent, whereas the body of the page alters to display the content for the web page. This is very same to how most websites work.
Microsoft has invested lot of money on usability research to validate as to how best to lay out the pages in SharePoint. I firmly recommend you to use the lay-outs given by Microsoft instead of creating your own custom layouts for team sites.


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