SharePoint 2013 is a technology that entitles companies and business units of all levels & sizes to improve team productivity and accelerate the efficiency of business processes.SharePoint 2013 provides you an effective tool set for methodically organizing content, managing documents, distributing & sharing knowledge, rendering robust collaborative environments, locating information and people.
The social capability & functionality in SharePoint 2013 permits you and your colleagues to develop communities, share thoughts and ideas, and to explore resources and knowledge in your business enterprise.
SharePoint permit individuals in an organization to effortlessly create and manage collaborative business solutions.

SharePoint may be used for multiple things: storing documents, publishing departmental information, collaborating with colleagues on projects, and even controlling/managing common processes like time off requests and expense reports.
It is difficult to define as it provides many capabilities; however, usually it offers a flexible platform to enable you and your colleagues to get work executed. The best part is that all you require is a web browser and you can start.

There are two categories of SharePoint:


  • One which run on your company’s servers, and
  • Two which get hosted via Microsoft through Office 365.


Microsoft provides two versions of their web-based platforms:


  • Office Online for consumers and Office 365 for businesses.
  • You might be having an email with address like @live.com,@outlook.com or @hotmail.com;

This is the Office Online customer or consumer experience. In case you need to work with Office 365, you logged in using your work email address and may have access to more features or functionality, like instant messaging & SharePoint Online.
From your prepective, there is a distinction among SharePoint Server and SharePoint online in Office 365; they both provide great approaches to collaborating, and they both can be accessed via web browser. While there are differences, they can be pointed out.
SharePoint 2013 supports & encourages teams to stay connected (proper collaborative communication approach) and productive by rendering an infrastructure and capabilities which permit easy access to documents, people, and information when they require.
With SharePoint 2013, teams can efficiently build websites to share information and foster enhance collaboration along with other users.
You are allowed to access content stored (saved) within a SharePoint site from a web browser and via client applications like Office, running on multiple devices, such as a PC, mobile phone, and a tablet.
Microsoft maintains to integrate functionality & features that used to be locked up in client applications, or was not available at all, with SharePoint. For instance, using SharePoint 2013 with Office 2013, you can build an online gallery of PowerPoint slides, display interactive spreadsheets in web pages, or reuse information from your organization’s databases in Word documents.
You can also explore Visio 2013 to automate your enterprise processes & methods using SharePoint
Formally, Microsoft depicts SharePoint 2013 as a “business collaboration platform for the enterprise and web.” SharePoint is a platform provided by Microsoft that permits organizations to meet their varying needs under the following domains:


Use SharePoint’s collaboration sites for activities, including managing projects or coordinating a request for suggestions or proposal.

Social networking:

In case you work in a big organization, you can use SharePoint as a social network for the organization experience to help/support you track coworkers and discover people in expertise networks

Information portals and public websites:

With SharePoint’s web content management features, you could generate/build useful self-service internal portals and intranets, or you can build visually attractive websites which are actually easy for your business enterprise users to maintain.

Enterprise content management:

SharePoint provides exemplary good document and record-management abilities, along with extensive huge support for metadata and focused customized search experiences.

Business intelligence:

SharePoint is an excellent platform for offering entrée into your enterprise business analysis assets. You could use insightful dashboards that permit customers to get the big picture at a glance and then explore more detail.

Business applications:

To host sophisticated business applications, SharePoint is used. Use SharePoint can also remarkable be used as the means to present access to your applications, to integrate business processes, backend databases, and your SharePoint content.
The functionality I debated in the preceding list is generally expressed by two versions of the product and one online cloud service:
SharePoint Foundation 2013 is the elemental software platform that provides all the building-block functionality & features of SharePoint. That consists of web pages, alerts, websites, and apps.
SharePoint Foundation is authorized as a Windows Server component i.e., belonging to properly licensed Windows Server; you can also receive all the features & functionality of SharePoint Foundation 2013
SharePoint Server 2013 consist of the set of applications, which uses the building blocks of SharePoint Foundation 2013 to deliver the complete functionality referenced in the previous bulleted list.
While using SharePoint internally, you should have minimum a standard license. This grants and permits you access to use portals, search, social networking, and some content management functionalities.
You also require enterprise license authorizations, in case you require using SharePoint’s advanced content management, business application features, and business intelligence.
SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft that permits you to build much the same SharePoint experience as you can experience with SharePoint installed on a local server, however, you don’t have to setup, install and maintain it.
It can come along with an Office 365 monthly subscription; providing permit you access to hosted e-mail, calendaring, and conferencing with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync, or you can purchase a SharePoint Online monthly subscription on its own.
Additional licensing is needed to use SharePoint in Internet scenarios unless & until you have got SharePoint Online that establishes with a built-in, Internet facing website. You can get SharePoint with the following categories in mind:


SharePoint is a product with a variety of features/functions, even in SharePoint Foundation. Explore how SharePoint functions without any customization when you’re identifying the ways to a solution, and then decide if you need to customize it as per your particular needs.


SharePoint offers everything you want to deliver a robust business solution. It offers the infrastructure (the “plumbing”) needed to deliver web-based solutions.


Subsequently, SharePoint is a set of those controls & components that you may select to get the solution as per your business needs. You may create pages, sites, and apps, all without leaving the comfort of your web browser.


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