Viewing your Team Site in the Browser

To view your team site, you should be have functional web browser, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


You must have the web address or URL of your team site that you can note from your primary SharePoint administrator or IT department. You also require a network user account with authorize permissions to access the team site.


In this case, the web address for team site is

To view your team site:


Go to the web browser and open it.

Now, Enter the web address for your team site on the address bar and then,  press Enter.


SharePoint - Viewing your Team Site in the Browser


Figure 1 shows the home page for a SharePoint team site.


All SharePoint team sites have the similar features & functions. In case you’re using a new team site, your site must match the one in Figure 1. In case your site has been tailored and customized, it may look little different. But note: All the similar features are still there. You might just have to search a little bit to locate them.

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