Tasks List App in SharePoint – An Overview

Running a project successfully to a large extent depends on how successfully & effectively the tasks are tracked and managed. The Tasks List app in SharePoint helps you do exactly that with least effort. In this tutorial, we will learn about the Tasks List app in SharePoint.


Column Structure in Tasks List App :

Following shows a section of how columns are displayed in the table on creating a Tasks List App.
Column Structure in Tasks List App

Adding more columns in the table or deleting the same is always possible.


What All Tasks List App Allows you Do?

  •  This SharePoint app allows you to create tasks lists for team members and accordingly e-mail notifications containing assignment/task details are sent automatically to the concerned people.
  • You can connect this app to Microsoft Outlook quite easily and then view, create, and update tasks as required within SharePoint straight away from Microsoft Outlook.
  • It allows you export Task lists information to a Microsoft Project plan or MS Excel spreadsheet as required. So, you can create Tasks List for all initial activities of a specific project within their existing team site in SharePoint. Later, when the complexity of project increases, the same Tasks List can be promoted in the form of a formal project plan.

That’s how the Tasks List app helps SharePoint users to simplify tracking and management of all tasks within a project.

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