SharePoint Tutorial Series for Beginners

Series #1

Objective of this tutorial :

This tutorial is intended for everybody who encounters SharePoint or is curious about the usage of the product. SharePoint is a great product with many nooks and crannies, and no single tutorial can cover all the aspects.

This tutorial series is designed to offer an introduction, creation, evaluation and overview of the platform. It indicates you how to extract the most out of the product, whether you have never used it earlier or are deeply familiar with particular aspects of it.

All others who might get benefitted from this tutorial may include:

Developers :

This isn’t a development e-tutorial; however the performing SharePoint developers are those folks who understand & recognize the product. The exciting thrilling aspect of SharePoint development is that you don’t want to build programming code to develop business solutions for a SharePoint. In case you could work with a web browser to build a web presence on a site like Facebook or LinkedIn, then you can build and administer the own SharePoint site.

IT experts & professionals :

This tutorial helps you understand what functions your end users may additionally need to see in a SharePoint farm that you architect or support.

Managers :

If you control & manage a department or commercial business unit, you need to understand and apprehend how to get the most out of SharePoint. In case your organization has made enormously significant investments in SharePoint deployment, it’d be a disgrace if you didn’t realize how to leverage that investment.
By the conclusion of this tutorial, you will recognize the way as to how to use SharePoint efficiently to review and edit files, documents, author and share your own documents, and control your team’s work on project deliverables, all working with SharePoint. It is written for those who are completely new to SharePoint.

There are many methods to approach the first usage of SharePoint. Few organizations use SharePoint like an Intranet for sharing information regarding their products, activities, events, information, news, and achievements. In the instance email above, SharePoint is being used as a document management system. This frequently replaces network folders, providing a centralized manner to store and collaborate on files & documents. As SharePoint is a part of Microsoft Office, it enhances and improves upon the document authoring and editing experience beyond what Office provides on its own.

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