SharePoint List Columns – Various Types Discussed

We have already discussed the “concept of Lists” in SharePoint. In this tutorial, we will learn about the different types of columns that are deployed by SharePoint lists for storing information. Let’s take a look at the different List column types in SharePoint.


Single Text Lines :

It is the most common type of list column due to its ability to store a wide variety of formats including –


  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Item’s title


Multiple Text Lines :

Such type of column stores large amount of information like –


  • Customer’s background information
  • Billing address


You can choose to have plain, rich, or fully enhanced text elements like pictures, bold, italic or tables in such columns. While adding text in the column, you can expand it as required.


Number and Currency :

A Number column can be configured to store all numbers falling within a particular range or percentage value. A Currency column is almost identical to the Number column with the difference that it displays financial values.

Users can select the currency type to display according to the region.


Date & Time :

With help of Date column, users can enter date information straight away into a textbox. It’s totally your choice whether to allow simply dates or dates with time as well.


Yes / No :

It is a checkbox column that indicates whether a specific item exactly matches to a criterion.


Hyperlink or Picture :

This column type allows you to enter web address as required into a specific list item in order to create hyperlink.


Task Outcome :

Major application of this column is in defining workflow solutions and tracking various tasks for workflow.


External Data :

This column allows you link business data available in some external business application with the items in your existing list.


Hopefully this tutorial explains the SharePoint list columns in detail.

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