SharePoint Central Administration Settings

In this tutorial, we will cover the various settings that are available under Central Administration in SharePoint.

Application Management

With Application Management, you can perform a variety of tasks such as creating new web applications as well as site collections. As required, you can manage all services that have been installed on your SharePoint site like Word, Excel or BCS.

Additionally, you can perform tasks such as modifying the content database properties, activating features, as well as creating new site collections.


Monitoring offers the central place from where you can manage monitoring, reporting, and the exact status of your MS SharePoint site. Typically, the Monitoring site has been divided into three areas, as given below –

• Health Status: Allows you to see the status of various services on your current SharePoint Server.
• Timer Jobs: Allows you to define the different jobs
• Reporting: It offers a set of tools that help you create & manage reports, effectively run diagnostic logging, as well as view reports on different server-side activities.

Security –

These settings are all about security in the core browser UI, wherein the users and site administrators can fully assess specific permissions relating to users for their SharePoint sites.

Following are the areas covered under security –

• Administrator accounts management
• Configuration & management of service accounts.
• Management of password change settings & policies.
• Specifications of authentication providers
• Antivirus settings.
• Blocked file types.
• Self-service security.
• Secure token services

Hopefully, this tutorial explains the Central Administration settings in SharePoint completely.

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