Utility Actions in Workflow in SharePoint 2013

The utility actions in SharePoint 2013 workflow allow granular control over the structuring of strings. If you know quite a bit about Excel functions like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID, all of these utilities will not be hard to understand.


Extract Substring from String End:

You need to define the total number of characters required from end (right) of a specific field.


Extract Substring from String Start:

You need to define the total number of characters that are required from a specified field’s beginning (left).


Extract Substring from String Index:

Set the characters at which data copying from a field is to start. Initiating at that number, value of the rest filed will be obtained.


Extract String Substring from Index with Length:

This is similar to previous action, with the difference that rather than grabbing the remaining of the field’s value beginning with a character number, you start at specific character number with this action.


Find Interval Between Dates:

Get the number of total minutes, hours, or days between two dates.


Find Substring in String:

Having defined the string that requires finding, pick the field in which search is to be done. Output will be integer.


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